LapSurgery News

LapSurgery News

At LapSurgery Australia we offer a wide range of keyhole surgical procedures. Our focus is to be the leaders in specialist surgery for Weight Loss, Reflux, Hernia, Excessive sweating, Carpal Tunnel and more. Three leading surgeons and a team of specialist staff have been developing a quality care package for over a decade. The information on our website is designed to help patients feel confident and understand surgery in simple terms.

Procedural Videos

View LapSurgery Australia's procedural videos to get a better understanding of the surgery you are undertaking.



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Research Projects

LapSurgery Australia has a commitment to ongoing Research to allow us to contribute to understanding outcomes and develop best practice in our specialist fields.  Mr Chris Hensman (surgeon) heads up the research conducted by LapSurgery Australia and other worldwide organisations such as Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute.



Read all about the latest news in obesity, dieting, and surgery.



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