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Long Term Follow Up ( Weight Loss Solutions )

Long term follow up

All patients who have had a weight loss operation require long-term follow-up, not only with respect to the weight loss but with respect to the changes in nutrition which may be brought about by your operation.

In some instances, there can be deficiencies in vitamins and other nutritional factors which if not corrected can become quite serious.

Your surgeon, whilst expert at operations, is not necessarily the best person to assess and correct vitamin and other deficiencies. For that reason LapSurgery Australia has Specialist Physicians with in our after care team. We believe they are best placed to advise you on your general health and nutritional status along with any alterations to your medications or vitamin supplements which may be required.

At this review appointment your blood test results (a form will be sent to you prior to your appointment) will be discussed and managed along with a review of your weight since surgery. Should you or our Physician have any concerns regarding these you will be able to discuss further with your Surgeon if indicated or maybe a follow up consultation regarding dietary advice from our Dietitian.

If you have any concerns about your operation or the degree of weight loss you have, this will be looked after by your Surgeon at a separate consultation. (Please note also that our Physicians are unable to perform Lapband adjustments).

At LapSurgery Australia, we invest in continuing up to date techniques and information to give you the best experience possible. Our service is caring and personalised and we tailor weight loss solutions based on what's best for you.

Your comprehensive weight loss review will only take around 20 minutes and we can make a direct claim to Medicare, which means no out of pocket to you.

In the event you have not received a follow up letter advising you are due for a review or are overdue for your check up please contact our clinic on (03) 9760 2777 to speak with one of our staff.


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