Taking Control ( Surgery )

More than 11,500 Australians opted for lap banding surgery last year. Melissa Cunningham investigates the procedure, which for many is a last-ditch effort to lose weight.

To the casual observer, Tamara and John Treloar are the perfect family. Strolling to the park hand in hand, with three children in tow, they are the picture of marital and family bliss. But life hasn’t always been easy.

There was a time when Mr Treloar, 39, was too ashamed to step outside his home. Tipping the scales at 167 kilograms, Mr Treloar says he felt like he was fighting a sinking ship.

‘‘Walking to the park with the kids was an effort, I would be puffed out within a few blocks,’’ he says. ‘‘We are both heading towards 40, we’ve got three beautiful children and I want to be there to see my kids grow up. I want to walk my kids down the aisle.’’

A lifetime of struggling with her weight led Mrs Treloar, 36, to seek lap-band surgery in May. Two months later, Mr Treloar did the same. It is a step they say gave them back their life.

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