Holiday Season Eating Tips ( Blogs )

The festive season is an enjoyable and very important time of the year!

However it is important to have a plan, and to eat mindfully to prevent overeating and weight changes.

Merry Christmas

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast - try not to compensate for your festive lunch or dinner by skipping a meal, you will be more likely to get hungry and over eat.
  2. If you are asked to bring a plate - bring a healthy option such as vegetable sticks or pretzels with low fat dips, salsa or Philly cheese. Fresh summer fruits are also usually popular!
  3. If you choose to have alcohol - try using diet soft drinks, reduced calorie fruit juices or soda water as mixers with alcohol, or try having ‘spritzers’ ( half wine/ beer with ½ mineral water).
  4. At the main meal - try to stick to a small plate and have a small amount of each of the foods that appeal to you most on the table- taste and savor, and enjoy each bite!
  5. Don’t feel bad about having some dessert - try to have a smaller portion than others at the table, use low fat custard/ice-cream and eat it slowly and mindfully.
  6. Get moving - incorporate exercise into the day’s activities- e.g. cricket between main and dessert, or even a walk with family members as a means to catch up and chat.
  7. Write a list - when shopping for your Christmas meals/desserts to prevent you from buying too much and being stuck with a lot of leftovers.
  8. Challenge other family members to be health-wise and see who can bring the most delicious and healthy dish to the Christmas party.
  9. Try not to stand near the food - you may find yourself nibbling mindlessly at it.

Enjoy the festive season and recognize the importance of eating awareness!


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