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Ray McHenry

Ray graduated in medicine from Monash University. He trained at the Alfred Hospital in surgery and gained his Australian Fellowship in surgery in 1979. He pursued further training in the United Kingdom and returned to Australia in 1981. He has worked in the Dandenong area since then, forming LapSurgery Australia in 2008.

His major interests in surgery are colo-rectal surgery, colonoscopy and advanced laparoscopic surgery. Ray has completed a Master of Science degree in Health Policy and Administration concentrating on the issue of quality management as applied to medicine.

Richard Gilhome

Richard graduated in medicine from Monash University. After completion of training at the Alfred Hospital he commenced a two-year postgraduate course in gastrointestinal surgery in Aberdeen Scotland, and in a specialist breast cancer unit at the Welsh National School of Medicine.

He gained his Australian Fellowship in surgery in 1983. Richard has major interests in laparoscopic minimal access surgery of the abdomen, including laparoscopic gastric banding, hiatus hernia, laparoscopic cholecystectomy, and other general surgery.

Chris Hensman

Chris graduated in surgery from Monash University after which he undertook specialisation in the United Kingdom in advanced laparoscopic surgery. He gained his Australian Fellowship in surgery in 1994. Chris was a senior lecturer at Monash University Department of Surgery, involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and clinical research. He joined Ray McHenry and Richard Gilhome in 1998.

Chris has particular interests in advanced minimal access surgery (laparoscopic surgery) including bilateral endoscopic thorascopic sympathectomy (ETS), gastric banding, hiatus hernia, cholecystectomy and other general surgery as well as upper and lower gastrointestinal endoscopy.

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