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How LapSurgery Australia began

LapSurgery Australia was established in 1984 by the two senior partners, Ray McHenry and Richard Gilhome. Today the clinic is operated by surgeons, Ray McHenry, Chris Hensman and Ara Saravanamuttu and has expanded to 7 locations including Boronia (Head Office), Berwick, Cranbourne, Frankston, McCrae, Mulgrave and Warragul.

The practice offers a prompt referral service for patients who may need urgent consultation or review. During the week there is usually one of the surgeons at the clinic available for consultation.

The surgeons offer a diverse range of services, practising general surgery as well as having their individual sub-specialties. They are unique in that they cooperate and assist each other with more complicated cases advocating a team approach to patient care and thus providing an optimal service including 24 hour 365 day per year cover for our patients and referring general practitioners.

Ongoing Medical Education and Introduction of New Technology

In order to provide optimal services, the partners at LapSurgery Australia undertake extensive continuing medical education, regularly sourcing the latest technologies and trends overseas then incorporating these new ideas into the practice on return to Australia.

LapSurgery Australia pioneered the introduction of advanced laparoscopic surgery in our area with laparoscopic cholecystectomy in 1990. Laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery greatly reduces pain and the time taken to resume normal activities after surgery. Since then we have introduced to our area the operations of laparoscopic hiatus hernia (gastric reflux) surgery, laparoscopic appendicectomy, the latest proven laparoscopic inguinal hernia surgery and "keyhole" surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome. More specialised advanced laparoscopic procedures for treatment of severe obesity (laparoscopic gastric banding), hyperhidrosis (sweaty palms and facial flushing), laparoscopic removal of the spleen and laparoscopic removal of the adrenal gland are also available. Many of these operations are exclusive to LapSurgery Australia in our area.

Exciting new developments were introduced in 1999 to include laparoscopic surgery for diseases of the large bowel and a new high-tech procedure for treating haemorrhoids promising much less pain than conventional operations.  Mr Ray McHenry and team were the first to remove the entire large bowel and colon laparoscopically in 1999.

Department of Surgery

 LapSurgery Australia's surgical team consisted of Mr Ray McHenry, Mr Chris Hensman and Mr Ara Saravanamuttu.



Trying to lose weight is easier with a food diary. LapSurgery Australia's Dietitian can help you through the process of losing weight.


Clinical Nurse Specialists

Our Clinical Nurse Specialists each have over 20 years nursing experience and are available to take any calls regarding health issues related to your surgery, recovery and ongoing care.



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