Keyhole Operations

Keyhole surgery can potentially get you back on your feet faster than conventional operation techniques and maybe less painful.

Call us to find a suitable procedure for gallbladder removal, a hernia repair, carpal tunnel syndrome or any of our keyhole operations.
*A GP referral is necessary.

Weight Loss Solutions

Over 4000 people have benefitted from our weight loss solutions since 1998.

If you have a major weight problem, call us today to arrange for a consultation so we can assess a suitable option for you.
*A GP referral is necessary.

LapSurgery Australia

Our caring team aim to be leaders in innovative keyhole surgery to deliver best possible health outcomes for our patients.

LapSurgery Australia surgeons have been at the forefront of laparoscopic surgery since it was introduced into Australia in 1990. We have been amongst the first to introduce laparoscopic operations for conditions such as inguinal hernia, endoscopic carpal tunnel release, sweating and blushing, gallstones, hiatus hernia and other forms of abdominal conditions.

With more than 30 years of experience, we utilise the most up-to-date surgical technologies and techniques available to assist with prevention, early detection, diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment of medical ailments in an endeavour to return you as quickly as possible to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

LapSurgery Australia prides itself on the team effort of treating over 3000 overweight patients with a high success rate in reducing excess weight by 50% or more long term.  We are proud to be a leading contributor with the Bariatric Surgical Registry (more information about the registry can be found under Resources).

Robotic surgery is now being performed by LapSurgery Australia Surgeons.

LapSurgery Australia is pleased to advise that we are now performing Robotic procedures on selected cases.  A consultation with one of our surgeons is required to see if you qualify.

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